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: The Party of corporate values, and financial imbecility... of, for, beholden to, and managed by, the obscenely wealthy.

...( motto: "Quagmires 'R Us" )


Friday, October 24, 2008


McCain (notice the murderous Biblical name "Cain" embedded in his name... oooooohh!) does not believe in wealth re-distribution, but apparently does believe in:

a. uncapped, unlimited, undeserved salaries for incompetent CEOs
b. multi-million dollar golden parachutes for failed businessmen
c. off-shore bank accounts for evading taxes so millionaires can keep more of what they have rather than employ it for growing the economy
d. $150,000 wardrobe makeovers for lipsticked pitbulls
e. greed, gluttony, adultury
f. the utter insignificance of the Vice-Presidency
g. getting wealthy the old-fashioned way (...by marrying a rich blonde... who inherited it)