==> Republicans
: The Party of corporate values, and financial imbecility... of, for, beholden to, and managed by, the obscenely wealthy.

...( motto: "Quagmires 'R Us" )


Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wanna Party!

If you're gonna be around NY city on Oct. 16, and have at least $500 to spare, Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel are uniting for the first time to perform a joint concert on behalf of the Obama campaign. BaROCK ON!

Palin Failin'

Fareed Zakaria adds his voice to the chorus on the Palin disaster here. Others have already called for her removal from the ticket, though it is now probably too late for that.

Meanwhile, word is that President Hoover-Bush is going to speak to the nation yet again this morning on matters about which he evokes neither sincerity nor intelligence --- shut your %#$*&!! doofus face you fool --- what part of every-time-you-speak-you-make-matters-worse don't you comprehend. When will the Republicans put a muzzle on the chowder-brain, lest he do yet more harm? Just let the real thinkers and doers do their job, and cast the boneheaded Prez rhetoric far far aside.

Monday, September 29, 2008

You-Tubing With Ralph

Only $12.99 +Shipping


Computer Ballot-Rigging Redux

More on 2004 election tampering here.

Que Pasa

Que pasa everyone... Don't panic folks, stay calm; our lameduck hippy-dippy Doofus-and Chief is right on top of things (...surely that there instills a blissful sense of confidence and security in you?). A deal will get done; a deal better than the swill so far put on the table.

BTW, Dennis Kucinich's take on things here.

Bush-Bin Laden Team

Quite the tag team: one works to destroy America from within, while the other seeks to destroy America from the outside.
Meanwhile, some Congressmen actually showed a backbone today (refusing to cave to Republican bribes or blackmail) and rebuked the so-called "plan" put forth by the Administration as an emergency measure... HAAAAAA!! Stiiiill awaitin' to see brokers/bankers jumping off rooftops... with or without their golden parachutes. Maybe now powers-that-be will take the required time to fashion details of a real emergency plan, instead of a rush to momentary judgment.
And again this morning the deceitful Prez was on the airwaves begging for support --- will the Repubs ever wake up and realize this man has NO credibility whatsoever; everytime he blathers scripted words on the economy he causes MORE harm, and turns MORE people
against any prospective plan --- the man should be put in a straightjacket, handcuffed to a chair in a White House dungeon, and force-fed a liquid diet until mid-January (...when he ought be hauled off to prison) --- what a joke-of-a-spokesperson in emergency times; just crap; indeed buried in his actions of the last two months must be another half-dozen reasons for impeachment, on top of the dozen or so already put on record. "Depression: Bring it ON" --- is that his motto?
Ohhh, and Wachovia, 'nuther itty-bitty-shitty bank, going under today... and the Dow drops another 750+ smidgen points... yeah, bring it on. . . .

Anyone Having Fun Yet?

The Bush-Paulson window-dressing plan for the economy is finalized and passed on to Congress for a vote commencing today. Meanwhile the worldwide markets remain shaky this morning...
More here.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tina Fey 2nd Go Around

Sarah Palin: God's gift to SNL. Live from the Big Apple here it is:

Bill Maher

New rules from Bill Maher here:

Who's Talkin'

Line-up for the Sunday morning talking heads shows here.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Nobelists Endorse

ehhhh, what do a bunch of science geeks know that the thumb-sucking bubbas of the NRA don't...

Now This Explains a Lot

You've heard we all have a planetary twin, right:


Washington Mutual: Bye-bye

Geee, surprise surprise... overnight the FDIC seizes Washington Mutual and hands it to JP Morgan, in the largest bank failure of all time... soooo far. Funny how quickly these deals take place in the dark of night... when they HAVE to. If you have to sleep, no telling what you'll miss. Got money at Wash. Mutual... better hurry, the lines are likely to be looooong this morning.
Meanwhile, the lame-duck Administration that has no real stake in this crisis (ehhh, pass it along to the next guys, whatever) will try again today to reach some consensus on some sort of faux plan that maybe can be voted on possibly next week to give the appearance of action (...yaaawn). Hey, this Halloween how 'bout we commonfolk all dress up as dogshit, since that's how they treat us anyway!...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

No Crisis

We can't be in a real crisis... haven't seen any bankers or brokers jumping off the roofs of buildings yet. In Japan self-respecting, disgraced leaders routinely jump off high-rises... a practice we should maybe emulate here... starting with Bush and Cheney, arm-in-arm.

Meanwhile, Americans are in hock up to their ever-luvin eyeballs to credit card companies at usurious rates. The housing and mortgage crises are just one blip of the overall problem (solving them solves little, just postpones what's coming). Good-bye Christmas, good-bye jobs, good-bye retirements, hello bankruptcies, no matter what this retarded Administration comes up with to save its Wall Street buddies' asses. Ohhh, and if a few foreign nations decide to cash in their bonds... well believe me, you don't even wanna to think about it.

That Lettermen Show

Humor is truth:

Debate Debate

What are McCain's true intentions? Here.

Meanwhile, McCain, Obama, and Congressional leaders are being "summoned" to White House to meet with Prez on the economic package, as the emperor-with-no-clothes pretends to get serious 'bout thangs.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Cartoon Is Worth a 1000 Words

Here. Says it all.

Awww Wasn't That Special...

With handlers pointing a gun at his head, the Prez said the scripted words, euphemisms, and political-spin he was told to orate tonight to try and cram the Administration's still-weakly-detailed program down the throats of Congress and electorate... so that 10 years from now we can go through it all again. Not a word about penalties, punishments, or even slaps-on-wrist for those responsible for the current debacle; no guarantees, promises, nor even apologies for the policies that brought forth the situation. No admission of the central role played by deregulation, or why Friedman economics and free enterprise, when deregulated, will ALWAYS and inevitably lead to this outcome. In short, more of the same --- hurry us through the immediate crisis so the financial gurus and execs can start the whole Ponzi process all over again, having learned nothing, except that fear sells.
It is absolutely irresponsible on the part of Congress that this man, this complete tool and hand puppet of monied interests, this empty shell of a leader, this misfit on the world stage, this phony, groveling, unethical, reckless, foolhardy, cowardly stooge of a person, disrespected all over the globe, has not been impeached. Nancy Pelosi, should be ashamed and booted in the keester; her inaction itself, almost treasonous.
...Oh well, is it too early to begin wishing everyone a Merry Christmas --- no doubt by then the Bush team will have the economy rolling along like a well-oiled machine (maybe on the back of a war with Iran)... or, NOT!

McCain Cuts and Runs

David Letterman on McCain's antics here (or just watch his show tonight).

Truly A Stupid Move

Tonight Alfred E. Neuman Bush will address the nation in a firesale chat, reading scripted words, regarding the economic crisis ahead (which of course he has no grasp of). Almost any member of the failed Administration could address the financial details better than the Moron-and Chief --- what a stooopid move to put this man in front of the citizenry at a time like this, as if he thinks he's FDR, when he's really Herbert Hoover. Soon he'll be retired to a luxury ranch in Texas receiving complete taxpayer support for the remainder of his life.
On a different channel Bill Clinton will be interviewed by Larry King --- if you want at least some straight talk about the economy from someone who comprehends what is happening, tune in to Larry's show; if you just want more BS than go ahead and watch BuSh flap his lips and smile his smirk... and don't be surprised if you feel impelled to spit at your TV screen.

Meanwhile John McCain pulls an election stunt putting his campaign on hold (conveniently, right before a debate he is unprepared for, was to transpire) to work on the big bad foreboding crisis, like he has anything to offer; he's part of the problem not the solution. What a chickensh** move on his part, as if voters won't see right through it!

Sound Familiar?

Nigerian scam or NOT!

Paulson Plan Viewed As Crap

Finally the Dems., for once, are standing ground, and saying that an Administration hastily-constructed plan offered in the middle of a supposed crisis, will NOT fly as is. Sweeping in its requests, while vague on details, and obviously with no guarantees whatsoever, and few penalties for those who brought on the situation, the plan is fashioned by an Administration that has no trust or credibility left whatsoever; certainly not among Democrats, but nor among Republican Congressmen up for re-election this year, nor the electorate in general. Fool me once shame on you, fool us twice shame on us. Even V.P. Cheney was unable to get Repubs to walk in lockstep on the proposed plan during a private behind-closed-doors meeting (does Cheney-boy ever have any other kind of meeting). Against Administration wishes, others want caps on, or even give-backs from, the CEOs who have received obscene salaries/compensations in return for the fraud they've transacted on the financial system --- it's the one obscenity the Administration will gladly masturbate to, rather than outlaw.

Officials keep threatening that a "deep deep" or "very dark" or "very long" recession may ensue without quick action --- why don't the cowards just say what they mean: it's already a given that we are in a recession that will get worse; what they really fear is a depression, and not a mere simple 1929-like one either, but a whopping, rapidly-spreading worldwide one, the consequences of which can't even be imagined. But scared li'l cowards that they are (this Administration has spent 8 years acting on, and spreading, only fear), they won't mention the "D" word out loud (you can rest assured it's being mentioned in private meetings) --- if they mention it, citizens might actually act upon it as a prediction of things to come, ooh, oooh, oooooh....

And meanwhile, the
FBI is finally investigating some of the disgraced financial firms.

Maybe as the old sentiment goes, we ought just hang the whole rotten bunch, and let God sort them out:

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Will Bashes Inane McCain

Conservative columnist George Will on John 'flustered rookie' McCain here.

Poster Boy or Just Average Repub.?



"Ninety eight percent of the adults in this country are decent, hardworking, honest Americans. It's the other lousy two percent that get all the publicity. But then, we elected them." -- Lily Tomlin

32 Words


Spreading the Wealth Around

Bonuses at bankrupt Lehman Bros. cause concern, here.


The paranoia-driven National Rifle Ass-ociation (and incubator for firearm violence) goes after Obama in current ads for its membersheep, or any others simple-minded enough to listen. Before you know it, if ya ain't vigilant, Al Queda's right to harbor a suitcase nuclear device will be stripped away from 'em in spite a dat der 2nd amendment....

Monday, September 22, 2008

...Just Askin'

Is it actually possible that there are any thinking Americans left who stiiiiiiiill support this current Administration, or are the 30% who continually show up in polls as supporting Bush just residual semi-comatose riff-raff that will always exist in the nation no matter what???

Economic WMDs

"We will do something this week --- but if we learned anything from right after 9/11, it's that the biggest mistake is to pass anything they ask for just because it's an emergency" --- that was Patrick Leahy's sage response to the financial emergency package President Bumbledorf and his less-than esteemed braintrust are attempting to cram down Democratic throats.

Better Buy One More John-Boy...

According to recent news reports John and Cindy McCain own 13 automobiles (1+ for every house they own I guess) --- ohhh my stars! doesn't he realize that's an UNlucky number!!!

It's Monday, Do You Know Where Your Savings Are?

Probably not, but no matter, neither do millions of other Americans...

For some humor, amidst the economic gloom, here and here.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Merry Christmas... Riiiight

Whatever salvaging strategy Washington comes up with for the economy in the longer-term, it is almost certainly too late for this year's Christmas season only a few months away. The vitality of many retail establishments is wholly dependent upon the Christmas buying season --- some retail outlets essentially running the entire year in the red only to make it up and turn profitable during the Nov.- Jan. holiday season... UHHHH, not likely this year. Probably will be the weakest Christmas season of the last 50+ years... by far, as consumers further re-adjust their budgets toward food, gas, utility, and debt outlays rather than new gift-purchases.
In the first quarter of next year expect further huge bankruptcies and shake-outs in the retail sector. The best hope is that maybe by then, just maybe, perhaps, possibly, the housing and financial sectors will have hit rock-bottom and begun turning the corner. The election of Democrats to the Presidency and Congress is necessary to change the national psychology, helping to turn things around. Should the same ol' Repubs get elected than come next year keep your eyes focused skyward while walking outside... so you can dodge the folks jumping off buildings.

Sun. News

Vermont candidate for State Attorney General pledges, if elected, to hire Vincent Bugliosi to prosecute George Bush for murder (don't know that it's really necessary since God has already done so).

Is it just me, or is this funny to picture in anyone's mind: next Tues. while in New York, purported Republican Vice-Prez candidate Sarah Palin is going to meet with Henry Kissinger and with Afghan Pres. Hamid Karzai, shoring up her invisible foreign policy credentials (...how much will THEY be chortling?).

Paul Krugman not smitten with Administration's so-called plan to repair the economy; geee, what's not to like about a plan fashioned by the folks who pretty much got us in this situation to begin with?

Oh Yeah, Like He's Really Gonna Follow THAT Order!

A U.S. District court has ruled that under the Presidential Records Act Vice-President Dickschtick Cheney must preserve records of his time in office which he and lackey David Addington had argued were not covered by the Act --- as if it even matters at this point: is there any doubt that the Veep has been, and will continue, to destroy official records over the next 4 months, assuming he doesn't ascend to the Presidency in that interim. He, his wife, and Addington, have no regard for the laws or Constitution of the U.S. (nor any other nation for that matter), and unfortunately, in America, the only two ways to remove a sitting Vice-President from office are impeachment and assassination, no matter how shameful and contemptuous his performance in office.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

BILLions and BILLions and BILLions

No, not Carl Sagan on the Universe, but Henry Paulson on the price to U.S. taxpayers to fix the ailing economy (...so that in another couple decades they can break it all over again).
Also, probably the number of analgesics and antacids to be downed by U.S. citizens before this crisis is passed... hmmm, might be a good time to buy into the pharmaceutical industry, or, with suicides on the rise, the coffin or burial industry.

Meanwhile, in far worse news than the silly American economy, Europe's large hadron collider has been shut down for two months of repairs following a major glitch in its first highly-publicized 48 hours of operation.

Sunday Talk Circuit

Tomorrow the Sunday talking-heads shows will, predictably, be focusing on the U.S. economy and plans to fix it, with Treasury Sec. Henry Paulson making the rounds of several programs to sell the emergency measures (fairy dust?) so far hit upon. The good news is it all drives the apallin' Ms. Palin off the TV screens for now --- actually, maybe not a good thing: since the more the public sees of her, the more the undeserved shine comes off the apple... or should one say the gloss comes off the lipstick.

Surge Schmurge

"Surge" of no consequence in Iraq, here ... overshadowed by ethnic cleansing.

However, might be worth trying a surge, or at least a scourge, on Wall Street.

It's Everywhere, It's Everywhere

"The Scent of Fear" article by William Greider here.

Friday, September 19, 2008


Big sucker rally on Wall Street last two days after George Herbert Hoover Bush and cronies concoct emergency packaging and window dressing for current stock market ills. The emperor has no clothes and ain't a pretty sight. Luckily, the U.S. Mint and counterfeiters can print up all the money that's needed at will. Wink, wink, nod, nod...

Meanwhile in the also-ran dept., independent Ralph Nader is now on the Nov. ballot in 45 states, and Libertarian candidate Bob Barr on 44 state ballots! Constitution Party candidate Chuck Baldwin and Green Party candidate Cynthia McKinney are on the ballot in 37 and 32 states respectively --- none of course having any chance of winning the election, but only acting as spoilers.
Less than 50 days before either Obama/Biden are elected, or the country suffers organ failure and cardiac shock.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


With financial cronies pointing a gun at his head, Duhhhhh!bya emerged from his bunker today to utter more words written by others, that he doesn't comprehend, pretending he's doing something significant whilst Americans suffer. He took no questions, since he's incapable of answering, or even understanding, them. Have I mentioned lately just what a chiseled piece of work this man is. Please forgive us Europe, the brain-dead in this country are allowed by law to vote time and time again. The last time we were involved in a debilitating war and a crashing economy simultaneously, oh yeah, Republicans were in charge then... what a coincidence! Deregulation = lying, cheating, stealing on the part of business; inevitably and without fail -- it's the Amurican Way, and the chickens do always eventually come home to roost. American capitalism, left to its own devices will NEVER take honesty or ethics seriously --- THAT is a blueprint for stagnation and failure. Only through regulation can the playing field be leveled and ethics, honesty, and fairness be imposed upon everyone. For many it's already too late... The Gov't. will continue to look for more and more fools to salvage its geenormous Ponzi scheme; and it will find them... they are us.

Jon Stewart on the economy here.

Just one person's opinion on other matters here.

And anyone for dominoes.

Mr. Bush's Neighborhood

HEYYYY boys and girls, can you say, "Deeeee-presh-un!" How 'bout "Foooorr-kloe-zhur!" EXXXXcellent!!
Don't worry now, we'll get through all this, and YOU and YOUR children and their children get to pay for it between now and eternity. Thanks for bein' born; we luv ya....

Are We Having Fun Yet???

Finally a crisis the Bushies can't buy, bribe, or blackmail their way out of... no wonder they're flummoxed! 6th grade economics was never their strong suit. There's nothing left to fear except the G.O.P. itself. And Bin Laden must be laughing himself silly somewhere in a Pakistani safehouse observing America's implosion.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Can You Hear Me NOW?!

Nader letter to Henry Paulson here.

For Whom The Alarm Bell Toles


Getting Used To It

Carly Fiorina was first 'thrown under the bus' by former employer Hewlett Packard; now word is that the McCain camp is about to throw her under the bus as well for "Biden-like" comments she made about political candidates running business enterprises. Previously-scheduled upcoming TV interviews with her have been canceled. Sorrrry Carly. Don't fear though, there will be plenty of banking executive jobs coming open soon that you can apply for.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lehman Must Be Really Pissed!

Just announced: the Gov't. WILL step in afterall to save AIG Insurance from financial disaster (...awww, isn't that special). They stepped in for Bear Stearns, Freddie Mac, and Fannie Mae, but let Lehman Bros. go under... hmmm, anti-semitism maybe from the Fed.? Guess Morgan Stanley can feel safe now, and Goldman Sachs can start sweatin' bullets! Oy vey...

Impeach Cheney

Letterman on Cheney here.

Rare historical footage: Cheney and truthiness intersecting, here.

Impeach Cheney, and expose the misdeeds of his loser wife as well; couple of real pieces of work.

Bush and Cheney can barely stand each other at this point (ever since Bush fired Rumsfeld at Laura's request), yet the Cheneys still hold the ultimate reins of power.

Meanwhile David Petraeus cashes in his chips in Iraq, reminiscent of the departure of Paul Bremer, full of faux stories of success and accomplishment that were barely noteworthy. No doubt Petraeus too will get the Medal of Honor in hopes of buying his silence. After next January the floodgates and bloodletting should open for those willing to tell the true story behind this catastrophe of an Administration.

Fiddling While Economy Churns

Bumbling Bush and company continue applying lipstick to an economy requiring long-term treatment... it would be funny if so many innocents weren't crippled in the process. There's nothing to fear, except yet 5 more months of these clowns in office. Ohhh what a fun week ahead.

Monday, September 15, 2008

We Wuz Forewarned

Nader on the bank crisis here.

And Nassim Taleb (always worth reading) here.

It's The Economy Stupid!

IT'S the economy stupid!
It's the ECONOMY stupid!
It's the economy STUPID!
It's the economy Sen. McCain!!

As the Ponzi scheme that is the Republican version of free enterprise continues to unravel (and don't let anyone tell you the financial crisis is anywhere near bottoming yet), John McCain, like others in his tax bracket, doesn't yet get it, so unaffected are he and Cindy by the downturn in the economy. 500 points up-or-down in the Dow --- just a blip and a pittance for the powers-that-be, that have sold out their nation for ready quick cash and the power it brings. They best hope there isn't a nationwide run on the country's banks, lest consumers discover how little of their looted money is actually there.

Meanwhile after originally promising a civil campaign, McCain's handlers have turned to the same tactics introduced by faux author of nonsense screeds, Jerry Corsi, who bounces around the talk circuit promoting his witchcraft, and continually claims to have attended Harvard. Shame on Sen. McCain; the maverick who is now just more of the grimy, deceitful same ol' same ol', bought and owned by the Bush team.

Touche' From Toles


Live From New York, It's Sa....

It would be serious, if it weren't so dang funny... here.

"How Can 59,054,087 People Be So Dumb?"

Justly asked by the London Daily Mirror 4 years ago of the American electorate.

What will their headline be THIS Nov. 5?

Sunday, September 14, 2008


...it's not just for third-world dictatorships anymore:

See here: http://www.theocracywatch.org/

Might also want to check out Kevin Phillips' book, American Theocracy.

...With Bear Stearns down the crapper, and FMAE, FMAC, and Lehman Bros. soon to be history, probably want to be keeping a close eye on further crapshoots Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs for the next 6 months... own their stock at your own huge risk.
Greenspan calls it the 'worst economy' he's ever seen... duhh-hh, like anyone with a cerebellum didn't already know that.
(And in case you were wondering, Lehman's CEO last year took in compensation valued at $22.1 million for his efforts and golf-playing --- at the time, Lehman was credited (propagandized) with steering relatively clear of the mortgage crisis and ended the year at $87+ per share --- now they're under $4 per share as the truth gets out... How long before it gets out about Merrill, Morgan, and Goldman... Thanks to the practices of Bush/Cheney cronies many of our major financial institutions may eventually be up for sale to the highest foreign bidder they can locate... let's see, America as a fully-owned subsidiary of China perhaps...)

Today and Yesteryear

Summit on Bush war crimes convenes this weekend in Massachusetts, here.

...And the seeds for modern-day right-wingnut radio talk jocks were planted here:

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sunday News Shows

Line-up for tomorrow's talking-head news shows here. Much discussion looming on the one person who won't be appearing, Ms. Pitbull herself. In fact not a whole lot to look forward to this weekend, except the usual spin-doctoring; Bob Woodward's appearance on Meet The Press may be the best bit.

Spurious Experience

For those who believe "experience" is such a key factor in picking a president, one of the most politically experienced Presidents of my lifetime was Richard Nixon, who turned out to be a dimwitted, dishonest lout, failure, and crook, who surrounded himself with low-lifes and marketing people to run the country. What is it about "experienced" presidential contenders: Nixon picked Spiro Agnew as running mate (...stop laughing), George Bush Sr. picked Dan Quayle (...I SAID, stop laughing), and now McCain selects Sarah (how does my hair look) Palin (...ok, guffaw all you want). Why can't they get reeeeal?! The problem with experienced Republicans is that they're so chockfull of hubris, they believe they can put dimbulbs in the second slot and it doesn't matter. It MATTERS, and especially so with a lead candidate who may not survive four more years.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Now This Might Explain A Lot!

You're The Man John, You're Da Man

What Makes People Vote Republican

Jonathan Haidt on "What Makes People Vote Republican?," here. Of course the quick and obvious answer is that they are dimbulbs, but Jonathan's answer and research is a tad longer.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fer Shuuur

What Part of Insincerity Don't You Understand

Today our clown President spent time at a 9/11 site attempting to read words he didn't write, to express thoughts he isn't capable of, to people he could care less about, all in the hope of making further political hay.

Meanwhile, Mama Palin is seeing her widdle boy Track off to the warfront, where, if they don't ask, he won't tell, as we continue to lose wars on two battlefronts, against a motley, ragtaggle enemy that outwits, outplays, and outlasts U.S. military minds at each turn. Hey, but what's 7 years and 4000 lives when you got a luxury ranch in Texas to go home to, and spend all your remaining days...

More of Same

Yet more scandal for the Boosh Administration here.
Come January, essentially with a gun at his head, George will likely be signing off on a record number of Presidential pardons.

And here, 'she's clueless, he's worse.'

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Crimes and Misdemeanors

Impeachment STILL on the table, here.

While America is divided, the world knows who should be elected president.

Tom Toles on the mark as usual.


You can put lipstick on a train wreck I s'pose, but it's still a twisted pile of crap.
And let's see, Bristol Palin supposedly 5 months pregnant is stiiiiiiill not married with no ceremony announced yet, or could it be that she is only 2 months pregnant? Maybe Levi Johnston, purportedly father of the child, though unconfirmed by any paternity testing (but maybe paternity testing will come out AFTER Nov. 4), just hasn't popped the right question yet? You can put lipstick on a teenager afterall, or a jockstrap on a hockey player, but it won't raise them their IQ...

Moreover, you can put lipstick all over a Presidential candidacy that operates from the gutter, and if elected... you can kiss America good-bye, if John McCain and that thing he calls a running-mate make it into office...

It's Wed., Do You Know Where Your Quarks Are?

The Large Hadron Collider is activated today, so figured I oughta post something early on just in case we all get sucked up by a Black Hole later on this morning (...some folks think THAT would be a BAD thing).

Might as well post something happy!!... This viral video (from Matt Harding) has been goin' around the Web for sometime now, but in case you've missed it...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

More Palin

Juan Cole's take on the VP choice with mostest hairdos ever (not to mention the glossiest lipschtick), here.

And Sarah at her Wasilla church here... sorry, no way, did McCain fully vet this woman (let alone her husband and family)... or, if he did, well, he's clinically NUTSO! Dick Cheney didn't work his butt off for 8 years to consolidate power in the White House just to turn it over to these yahoos.
Speaking of the White House, gotta wonder if Levi and Bristol are fantasizing about a night in the Lincoln bedroom yet? Or, maybe ya don't gotta wonder...

i.e., Vote For Obama

One definition of "insanity": Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Tom Toles' view here.

Some on the left seem worried by recent polls showing the McCain/Palin ticket pulling into a national lead. Of course this is largely the expected bounce from the Convention hoopla, especially so this year with the added excitement from McCain's surprise pick. But the Not-Ready-For-Prime-Time Palin is exciting merely because she is new and unknown. She has likely already peaked. As she puts herself out there for scrutiny, over time the shine will rub off, and essentially she has nowhere to go but DOWN.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Woodward Delivers

Bob Woodward out with a fresh book, "The War Within," on the debacle that is the Bush Administration and the Iraq War. See here and here (Amazon).

CBS '60 Minutes' clip here:

Pro-life ???

Pistol-packin', rifle-totin' mama Sarah Palin calls herself "pro-life"... hmmm, I suspect there may be a few moose in Alaska that would beg to disagree! I also suspect that as a hunter Sarah has ended the lives of more of God's innocent, fully-formed, sentient, adult creatures than I ever have (and I'm pro-choice). --- And don't try to tell me that God said it was OK, 'cuz guess what... he/she didn't.

Fundamentalists are fond of proclaiming that there are "no atheists in the foxholes." Actually, what is more accurate to say is that there are NO Christians or pro-lifers in foxholes --- anyone putting themself in that situation, is, virtually by definition, an individual who believes that killing fellow humans is a legitimate, proper action toward solving political problems (though they NEVER heard that from Jesus). What is most insidious, is not that people hold such a belief in their nation's defense, but that they'll routinely invoke the name of God to support such notions (or to assuage their own guilt). "Christians" DON'T take up arms against their fellow man. The last time I ever saw Mother Teresa with an AK-47 was... oh yeah, NEVER! You may humanly justify such violence Sarah, but God and Jesus (and for all I know maybe even moose) would strongly beg to disagree.

Anthrax Investigation Unsettled

Republican Senator Arlen Spector, who understands such things, says of the FBI's anthrax case against Bruce Ivins, "my conclusion at this point is that it's very much an open matter."
After 7 years of FBI fumbling about, only to claim, shortly prior to the '08 elections, to have solved the case by pointing their finger at an individual who all-too-conveniently turns up dead, it is difficult to fully swallow the Bureau's version of events and sudden dismissal of the riddle. FBI Head Robert Mueller is scheduled to appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee Sept. 17, to answer some of their questions/concerns.
Will we ever know the full truth for sure? Not likely.

Story here:


In other news, I'm not sure exactly why Sarah Palin even bothered to accept the selection of VP with John McCain when surely she realizes that the whole planet will be destroyed (and she'll be caught up in the Rapture; less certain about Bristol and Levi's fate?) this coming Wednesday when CERN switches on the Large Hadron Collider and bangs a few particles together over in Europe. Oh well, it was nice knowin' ya'all.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Keep 'em Coming

Just when I thought I was sick-and-tired of election campaign ads this comes along:

(hat tip to "AllSpinZone")

News That Isn't News

Silver State Bank of Nevada has become the 11th bank to fail in the U.S. this year (you can probably expect that number to double by year's end -- thank you Mr. Bush), and the Feds are now set to take over both major mortgage lenders Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae as well. It's been obvious for months that the two entities had failed and would require Gov't. takeover, but Repubs were hoping to continue to cover up the degree of collapse through the November elections. So much for wishes. When will we actually hear something on the economy that wasn't already known in advance for months, but suppressed by G.O.P. obfuscation???

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Robin Williams on Letterman Show

Two-and-a-half calm (NOT!!) minutes of Robin Williams on Sarah Palin here.

Stewart Skewering

Jon Stewart nailing it yet again courtesy of Raw Story here (video at bottom -- DO carve out 10 mins. of your day to watch if you haven't seen it already). If the Republicans lose, poor Comedy Central... satire hasn't been this frickin' easy since their inception.

What A Deal!!

You can download Michael Moore's very next movie "Slacker Uprising" (release date Sept. 23) for FREE. See here for details. Yaaaaay Michael! (...popcorn and soda, that'll still cost'ya.)

AND, take the money you save from Michael's offering and spend it to go see "Boogie Man: The Lee Atwater Story" opening around the country at about the same time as Moore's release. This film explains the modern day Republican Potty and its tactics (for those who don't know, Lee Atwater was the demonic scumbag predecessor (deservedly dead-as-a-doornail at age 40), to subpoena-dodging Beezlebub Karl Rove). In a very real sense, 4000 dead American soldiers in Iraq can be laid to blame in part, on Mr. Atwater's ignominious legacy.

More on the film here.

10 Reasons

For any still-undecided folks out there here are 10 cogent reasons to cast your vote for John McCain this November:

10. Our grandparents had to live through a depression so it’s only fair that our children get to live through one too.

9. With a McCain/Palin win we may yet get to see a shotgun wedding in the White House Garden.

8. As President, John McCain will bring rocking chairs back into fashion.

7. Sending more and more under-equipped troops abroad for indefinite stays in undeclared wars will create job openings for the many unemployed folks right here at home.

6. The Republicans need AT LEAST 4 more years to undo the catastrophe of their prior 8 years.

5. If McCain wins, with any luck Jeb Bush may become Secretary of State.

4. A McCain presidency should do wonders for the image of blonde trophy wives.

3. Last time I checked, the Supreme Court was still short a few good simple-minded, right-wing, knuckle-headed, blow-hard ideologues.

2. Hey, pssssssst.... errr um-mm, in case you hadn't noticed, uhh-hh... (whiiisper, whii-i-isssper) Obama is black!!

1. Okay, actually I fibbed; I can't even come up with 10 mediocre reasons to vote for John McCain.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Sketching Sarah

For all you budding artists out there, a quick lesson on how to draw Sarah Palin:

(...apologies to M. Simpson)

Couple of Oldies But Goodies

For you '60's folks...

Times They Are A'changin' :

and, Shape of Things to Come :

Republican Hip(ocrisy) Hop

Jon Stewart's take on Republican talking points here.


Eight years ago in the South Carolina primary the Bush-Rove-Goebbels team pulled out all the stops to run a vicious, underhanded smear campaign against the then surging John McCain, to capture the primary and begin Bush's sinister road to the White House. I lost respect for McCain then following his wimpy acceptance of the unethical, vile tactics used against him; his deer-in-headlights posture; his cowardly, submissive response to the Bush (blackmail?) machine and acquiescence to that brand of politics. Whatever he once was as a Naval captain, and one-time maverick, in the last 8 years McCain has been typified by simple cowardice and unwillingness to actually take on the people and issues he pretends to take on. Occasionally, he'll move 3 steps forward in an independent direction, only to then move 4 steps back, as someone stifles or bullies him; occasionally he'll offer sound and fury signifying nothing. His cynical selection of Sarah Palin over those he actually wanted and that were qualified, is just more caving to his party's wingnuts and jingoists on the first major decision he's had to make. He's a better human by far than the current nest of vipers occupying the White House (that have set a low bar for him), but still, in his old age, for whatever reasons, he's devolved to being another Washington wimp and traditional politician, led around by the nose by monied interests. Those who wish to portray him otherwise are playing charades... and playing with the nation's future.

It was also back in the year 2000 that McCain was seriously mentioned for the VP slot with Bush, but took himself out of the running, saying essentially it was a do-nothing job, attending funerals and greeting dignitaries; not something he had any interest in... maybe THAT explains a LOT about his choice of running mate this go-around.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Girl's Gotta Look Nice

Vanity Fair Magazine (who oughtta know) estimates the cost of Cindy McCain's Tuesday night Convention attire at $300,000 (which doesn't include false eyelashes or panties):

Oscar de la Renta dress: $3,000
Chanel J12 White Ceramic Watch: $4,500
Three-carat diamond earrings: $280,000
Four-strand pearl necklace: $11,000–$25,000
Shoes, designer unknown: $600

Total: Between $299,100 and $313,100

Geee, for that price the McCains coulda bought one more house on today's market, and really helped the economy out.

The Soap Opera Continues

Will be interesting to see how much the Repubs allow Sarah Palin to face reporters and press on her own, and how much they will keep her on a short, controlled leash (...I mean she's a pit bull with lipstick, right! --- actually, looking at her, I think a pit bull with lipstick, 7 hairdos, and a lot of blush might be a more apt description).
Lotta folks comparing this choice to Bush's ill-fated ludicrous attempt to put subpoena-dodging Harriet Miers on the Supreme Court (chortle, chortle)... except that was successfully stopped, whereas Palin may actually remain on the ticket! With any luck though, before year's end, she'll be on her broomstick back to Alaska facing impeachment hearings.

And was it my imagination or was there a shotgun behind Levi Johnston's head as he stood there fidgety at the Convention pretending to primly smile and act normal in the company of Lady Bristol? If the boy has some smarts he'll drop that lass after the election and sell his life story for a half million bucks to the tabloids (it's called 'free enterprise')... but then, if he had many smarts he wouldn't be in this situation to begin with, I s'pose (maybe I oughtta hush-up, he says on his erudite webpage that he'll kick the ass of anyone who messes with him --- sort of the way life has kicked his ass I guess --- goodbye freedom, youth-hood, dreams, hockey; helloooo real world, diaper-changing). Well, do wish the cutesy duo at least a couple years of merry matrimony before any splitsville proceedings and custody fights commence. Maybe Bristol will at least learn to teach her children more about contraception and self-control than Sarah apparently ever had time to teach her.
... ohhh, and tonight, yawn, we get to watch, yaaaawn, that electric livewire, John McCain, schnnnnore, give his acceptance speech. Y'all listen up now if you're not too occupied field-dressin' a moose er somethin'. . . .

Rush Celebrates Palin Pick

Rush Limbaugh ('talent on loan from Hades') recently celebrated 20 years of pestilence in broadcasting --- praise be the Lard! Here he celebrates the selection of wingnut Palin, doing what he does best (...when he's not scarfing down drugs, that is) :


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Palin Pontificates

What a calamity in the making... i.e. Sarah Palin, or more specifically, a prospective Vice-President Sarah Palin --- the most irresponsible selection of a presidential running mate in how many years?... but the jackals at the Republican Convention ate up her talk before them, so entrenched are they in their immense failures. Turn off the sound, watch it, and that rabid crowd looks disturbingly similar to frenzied throngs in old Third Reich rally newsreels... disturbingly similar (or is it, similarly disturbing).

The more one learns of Sarah Palin the more she appears to be not just a laughable yahoo for VP, but a dangerous pick as well, that speaks much (and not positively) about John McCain's judgment, if not his mental state. While the Party base slurp her up like sap on a maple tree (or should I say, like flies on ---- ), mainstream Republicans across the country much more realistically recognize the risky, unprepared choice she is. Dick Cheney must be apoplectic at the thought of this neophyte moving into his abode.

Glorified hockey-mom Palin is out of her league, waaaaay out of her league (even though it's the Bush League), and while any win is fine of course, if the Dems don't win this election by a landslide there is something sickeningly and simple-mindedly wrong with the American electorate (although the preceding 8 years may have already established that).

Ballad of Sarah Palin

In anticipation of her talk this evening:

Listening To Tripe

Do they live in a bubble???: Listening to Laura and spouse George Bush last night one would be led to believe that all is well in America (ahhh, hear the chirping birds), and the world still regards the bullying, lying, incompetent U.S. with respect and admiration... Hel-LOOOOOOOO!! The conventioneers lapped it up like hyenas (...uhhh, wake up and smell the Kool-aid, folks). And tonight they'll hear from their lipstick-glopping, hairdo-changing, screechy-voiced, part-time-parent choice for VP.

Just a bit of recommended bedtime reading prior to Nov. 4:

The Dark Side by Jane Mayer

The Way of the World by Ron Suskind

The Wrecking Crew by Thomas Frank

The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein

sweet dreams... NOT!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sorry For Any Redundancy...

Here, White House Press Secretary Dana Perino.

Here, blonde jokes.

How Well Was (Todd) Palin Vetted?

For those too young to remember, when Walter Mondale selected Geraldine Ferraro as his running mate over 20 years ago the disclosures that most dogged her on the campaign trail were not about her, but rather primarily about financial dealings of her husband. Given how little vetting John McCain's choice of Sarah Palin received according to some rumors, one has to wonder how thoroughly her husband Todd was vetted. In the days ahead the press will likely dig up whatever McCain's team failed to uncover about the spouse of the presumptive VP-candidate... that is if they don't spend all their time hounding Bristol Palin and her purported boyfriend, Levi Johnston.

Meanwhile the evangelical right wing of the Republican Party continues to gloat about the selection of Palin, over such unacceptable choices (to them) as Tom Ridge and Joe Lieberman --- indeed, their voices seem to salivate at the possibility of propelling this team into office, followed by John McCain's early demise, and the promotion of Palin to the top slot.
And yet, in other internet circles, bets are already being placed that Palin will be forced to withdraw her name from the ticket before all is said-and-done.

Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire

...and for you ol' codgers out there, here's the original:

Bumper Schtickers

Have bumper, need stickers? :




Actually, after January these bumper stickers and pithy sayings will no longer be pertinent :

Hail to the Chump

George Bush -- Worst President money could buy

George W. Bush -- The Great Communibabbler

George W. Bush and Elmer Fudd: Separated at birth ???

George Bush: A few cards shy of a full deck

George Bush: Ran with scissors as a kid... and still does

George Bush -- President of the United Stooges of America

No more BU(LL)SH(IT)... puhh-leeeeeze

George Bush: The mess, who thinks he’s a messiah!

Bush/Cheney: Dumber and Dumb

Bush: Making Nixon seem tolerable

George Bush: Destroying America one day at a time

Bush/Cheney/Rove: The Axis of Drivel

George W. Buffoon

Oyyyy... Veyyyyyyyyy

Monday, September 1, 2008

Can It Get Any Kraaaaazier?

With a swirling internet rumor that their infant son Trig, born in April, was actually the offspring of 17-year-old Bristol Palin rather than Sarah Palin's child, the Palin family moved to quash scuttlebutt by disclosing (on a news day swamped with Gustav updates) that teenager Bristol is in actuality 5 months pregnant now with her first child and will be married to the father (interestingly, unidentified) before year-end --- anyone willing to bet on how long this marriage lasts? ... At least now the National Enquirer paparazzi can leave John Edwards alone and begin staking out Bristol and beau-to-be.
One gets the feeling that this is going to be one of those stories/candidates that just keeps on giving...
Again the question... WHAT was John McCain thinking!??? (Something about this whole ongoing episode still just doesn't add up.)


Keep up with Hurricane Gustav news here:



or tune into live radio here:


Yaaaawn... McInane Coronation On The Way

In the "Ohhhhh, How Very Convenient Dept." : Bush and Cheney both announce they will not attend the Republican Convention due to their immense concern over Hurricane Gustav. McCain must be thanking his lucky stars for this legitimate circumstance to get Bush/Cheney off the stage. It almost sounds as if the Republicans could almost call off their Convention anyway, in which case I suggest they just hand the White House over to Obama/Biden NOW!!
In all honesty it's a no-win situation for Bush/Cheney... if they show in St. Paul with the celebrants there, and Gustav slams into New Orleans they'll look like the uncaring, inattentive fools they are... and if they fail to show in St. Paul they'll look like the scared-to-show-their-face, disrespected fools they are.

Over several days from St. Paul we may yet get a glimpse of items in the Republican toolbox: bluster, bull, fear, bribes, blackmail, fear, lies, wedges, fear, schmears, crap, fear, maybe a vice grip... and almost for certain, rigged computer software. An impressive toolbox for sure (leaving mobsters salivating).

BTW, new research here may shed light on modern-day Republicans...