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Saturday, August 30, 2008

2008 Deja Vu???

8 years since the 2000 Presidential election was originally stolen by Republicans, and STIIIIIILL the voting machine crisis and lack of a paper trail exists in many states. Yet once again the election may be stolen from Democrats by rigged machines in just a couple of key states like Florida and Ohio. Obama state victories by 2% or less of the popular vote are easily switchable by fraudulent software, with no simple way to detect, as any computer programmer fully understands. Indeed, McCain himself could have been catapulted to key primary victories by rigged machines this spring, as the chosen puppet of powers-that-be.
It is unconscionable that this circumstance, fatal to democracy, still persists. And it is vital there be a mammoth turnout of Democratic voters on Nov. 4 to push Obama state victories well beyond the critical 2% margin.

Older, pertinent clip here: