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Friday, August 29, 2008

Has He Lost His Marbles?

Many are still scratching their heads over John McCain's announcement of his running mate choice. 'Has he lost his marbles' is a sentiment that has been expressed more than a couple of times. It's almost reminiscent, in some respects, of certain prizefighters in the past taking a dive to throw a fight.

The number of voters who will be turned off by the pick with zero Washington or foreign policy experience, certainly outnumbers those members of the G.O.P. base who will be energized by it. Indeed, a number of prominent Republicans (uhhh, Romney, Pawlenty, Crist, Portman... come to mind) will have had the wind sucked out of them by this selection, leaving little energy with which to actively campaign for the ticket. In a time when any hint of sexual or financial impropriety suddenly makes a candidate unqualified for high office (in many peoples' minds), one must wonder if the thorough and intrusive vetting process simply forced McCain to pass over most comers and turn in the direction of Gov. Palin. Only later history books may eventually offer the answer. Even with the positives she brings to the plate, the choice of Palin seems inexplicable, even nonsensical, from many other angles. Time will tell if McCain has made a risky, but wise choice, or simply a risky, foolhardy choice.

Has McCain lost his marbles ? I don't know; but then I've never been certain he had all his marbles to begin with.