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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Scurry, Scurry, Scurry

What are all those scurrying-around sounds I hear in the background??? Is that perhaps the sound of Republican bigwigs running around, scratching their heads stiiiiiill in utter disbelief at John McCain's selection for Vice-President? Did he suffer a 72-year-old brain fart, or does he view the vice-presidency in such a demeaning manner as to account for the lame, almost irresponsible, choice?

And when independent/undecided voters go behind the voting curtain will they not be thinking about a tottering McCain possibly not making it through his presidency, and THIS lady taking over the reins of power for the free world, before they cast their vote? --- Just maybe an unsettling thought!??? The spinmeisters at the Republican Convention are going to be working overtime to put the best face (and hairdo, lip gloss, apparel, etc.) on this selection.

Personally, the more I learn of McCain's choice, the more insane it appears --- not sure which is scarier: the visage of this woman holding forth as Vice-President, or what her selection says about the mental state of John McCain, and him holding forth as President. YYYIKES!!!