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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

All The News That's Fit To Rant...

Condi Rice continues to flap her lips at the Russians, as if Putin would pay any attention to what this toothless, lame-duck, non-credible, worldwide-disrespected Administration has to say about Russia's inevitable actions. Wake up and smell the vodka, Condi; merely repeating, 'Can you hear me now, can you hear me NOW!' ain't gonna get ya anywhere. Dismally-failed policies over 8 years have a quirky little way of circling 'round and kicking one in the posterior. Pass Ms. Rice some Ben-Gay, or Prep H, for her efforts... enough to get her through 5 more months, I s'pose. Oh, and do keep an eye on Poland.

In other news, incredibly, John McCain continues to get over 40% support in popularity polls (criminy, how many junior high voting-age dropouts can there be in this IQ-challenged nation???)...
Why would anyone expect those who continually oppose and denounce 'big government' to do anything other than flunk miserably at running big government, as they continually do? And now some people actually want more of the same??? ...The country is spending way too little on mental health services.

The perennial question is, 'a
re you, or are you not, better off than you were 8 years ago?'
If you're better off, raise your right hand... and then, put it down and go back to running your $#*%ing oil company.

Meanwhile, school is starting up around the country... Here's some of dat-there new math for ya:

McCain = Bush = Nixon = Bebe Rebozo (...apologies to Bozo the Clown) = Mediocrity + Doofusness X 3