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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Impeach Cheney

Letterman on Cheney here.

Rare historical footage: Cheney and truthiness intersecting, here.

Impeach Cheney, and expose the misdeeds of his loser wife as well; couple of real pieces of work.

Bush and Cheney can barely stand each other at this point (ever since Bush fired Rumsfeld at Laura's request), yet the Cheneys still hold the ultimate reins of power.

Meanwhile David Petraeus cashes in his chips in Iraq, reminiscent of the departure of Paul Bremer, full of faux stories of success and accomplishment that were barely noteworthy. No doubt Petraeus too will get the Medal of Honor in hopes of buying his silence. After next January the floodgates and bloodletting should open for those willing to tell the true story behind this catastrophe of an Administration.