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Saturday, September 6, 2008

10 Reasons

For any still-undecided folks out there here are 10 cogent reasons to cast your vote for John McCain this November:

10. Our grandparents had to live through a depression so it’s only fair that our children get to live through one too.

9. With a McCain/Palin win we may yet get to see a shotgun wedding in the White House Garden.

8. As President, John McCain will bring rocking chairs back into fashion.

7. Sending more and more under-equipped troops abroad for indefinite stays in undeclared wars will create job openings for the many unemployed folks right here at home.

6. The Republicans need AT LEAST 4 more years to undo the catastrophe of their prior 8 years.

5. If McCain wins, with any luck Jeb Bush may become Secretary of State.

4. A McCain presidency should do wonders for the image of blonde trophy wives.

3. Last time I checked, the Supreme Court was still short a few good simple-minded, right-wing, knuckle-headed, blow-hard ideologues.

2. Hey, pssssssst.... errr um-mm, in case you hadn't noticed, uhh-hh... (whiiisper, whii-i-isssper) Obama is black!!

1. Okay, actually I fibbed; I can't even come up with 10 mediocre reasons to vote for John McCain.