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Thursday, September 25, 2008

No Crisis

We can't be in a real crisis... haven't seen any bankers or brokers jumping off the roofs of buildings yet. In Japan self-respecting, disgraced leaders routinely jump off high-rises... a practice we should maybe emulate here... starting with Bush and Cheney, arm-in-arm.

Meanwhile, Americans are in hock up to their ever-luvin eyeballs to credit card companies at usurious rates. The housing and mortgage crises are just one blip of the overall problem (solving them solves little, just postpones what's coming). Good-bye Christmas, good-bye jobs, good-bye retirements, hello bankruptcies, no matter what this retarded Administration comes up with to save its Wall Street buddies' asses. Ohhh, and if a few foreign nations decide to cash in their bonds... well believe me, you don't even wanna to think about it.