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Monday, September 29, 2008

Bush-Bin Laden Team

Quite the tag team: one works to destroy America from within, while the other seeks to destroy America from the outside.
Meanwhile, some Congressmen actually showed a backbone today (refusing to cave to Republican bribes or blackmail) and rebuked the so-called "plan" put forth by the Administration as an emergency measure... HAAAAAA!! Stiiiill awaitin' to see brokers/bankers jumping off rooftops... with or without their golden parachutes. Maybe now powers-that-be will take the required time to fashion details of a real emergency plan, instead of a rush to momentary judgment.
And again this morning the deceitful Prez was on the airwaves begging for support --- will the Repubs ever wake up and realize this man has NO credibility whatsoever; everytime he blathers scripted words on the economy he causes MORE harm, and turns MORE people
against any prospective plan --- the man should be put in a straightjacket, handcuffed to a chair in a White House dungeon, and force-fed a liquid diet until mid-January (...when he ought be hauled off to prison) --- what a joke-of-a-spokesperson in emergency times; just crap; indeed buried in his actions of the last two months must be another half-dozen reasons for impeachment, on top of the dozen or so already put on record. "Depression: Bring it ON" --- is that his motto?
Ohhh, and Wachovia, 'nuther itty-bitty-shitty bank, going under today... and the Dow drops another 750+ smidgen points... yeah, bring it on. . . .