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Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Soap Opera Continues

Will be interesting to see how much the Repubs allow Sarah Palin to face reporters and press on her own, and how much they will keep her on a short, controlled leash (...I mean she's a pit bull with lipstick, right! --- actually, looking at her, I think a pit bull with lipstick, 7 hairdos, and a lot of blush might be a more apt description).
Lotta folks comparing this choice to Bush's ill-fated ludicrous attempt to put subpoena-dodging Harriet Miers on the Supreme Court (chortle, chortle)... except that was successfully stopped, whereas Palin may actually remain on the ticket! With any luck though, before year's end, she'll be on her broomstick back to Alaska facing impeachment hearings.

And was it my imagination or was there a shotgun behind Levi Johnston's head as he stood there fidgety at the Convention pretending to primly smile and act normal in the company of Lady Bristol? If the boy has some smarts he'll drop that lass after the election and sell his life story for a half million bucks to the tabloids (it's called 'free enterprise')... but then, if he had many smarts he wouldn't be in this situation to begin with, I s'pose (maybe I oughtta hush-up, he says on his erudite webpage that he'll kick the ass of anyone who messes with him --- sort of the way life has kicked his ass I guess --- goodbye freedom, youth-hood, dreams, hockey; helloooo real world, diaper-changing). Well, do wish the cutesy duo at least a couple years of merry matrimony before any splitsville proceedings and custody fights commence. Maybe Bristol will at least learn to teach her children more about contraception and self-control than Sarah apparently ever had time to teach her.
... ohhh, and tonight, yawn, we get to watch, yaaaawn, that electric livewire, John McCain, schnnnnore, give his acceptance speech. Y'all listen up now if you're not too occupied field-dressin' a moose er somethin'. . . .