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Friday, September 26, 2008

Washington Mutual: Bye-bye

Geee, surprise surprise... overnight the FDIC seizes Washington Mutual and hands it to JP Morgan, in the largest bank failure of all time... soooo far. Funny how quickly these deals take place in the dark of night... when they HAVE to. If you have to sleep, no telling what you'll miss. Got money at Wash. Mutual... better hurry, the lines are likely to be looooong this morning.
Meanwhile, the lame-duck Administration that has no real stake in this crisis (ehhh, pass it along to the next guys, whatever) will try again today to reach some consensus on some sort of faux plan that maybe can be voted on possibly next week to give the appearance of action (...yaaawn). Hey, this Halloween how 'bout we commonfolk all dress up as dogshit, since that's how they treat us anyway!...