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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

How Well Was (Todd) Palin Vetted?

For those too young to remember, when Walter Mondale selected Geraldine Ferraro as his running mate over 20 years ago the disclosures that most dogged her on the campaign trail were not about her, but rather primarily about financial dealings of her husband. Given how little vetting John McCain's choice of Sarah Palin received according to some rumors, one has to wonder how thoroughly her husband Todd was vetted. In the days ahead the press will likely dig up whatever McCain's team failed to uncover about the spouse of the presumptive VP-candidate... that is if they don't spend all their time hounding Bristol Palin and her purported boyfriend, Levi Johnston.

Meanwhile the evangelical right wing of the Republican Party continues to gloat about the selection of Palin, over such unacceptable choices (to them) as Tom Ridge and Joe Lieberman --- indeed, their voices seem to salivate at the possibility of propelling this team into office, followed by John McCain's early demise, and the promotion of Palin to the top slot.
And yet, in other internet circles, bets are already being placed that Palin will be forced to withdraw her name from the ticket before all is said-and-done.