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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Paulson Plan Viewed As Crap

Finally the Dems., for once, are standing ground, and saying that an Administration hastily-constructed plan offered in the middle of a supposed crisis, will NOT fly as is. Sweeping in its requests, while vague on details, and obviously with no guarantees whatsoever, and few penalties for those who brought on the situation, the plan is fashioned by an Administration that has no trust or credibility left whatsoever; certainly not among Democrats, but nor among Republican Congressmen up for re-election this year, nor the electorate in general. Fool me once shame on you, fool us twice shame on us. Even V.P. Cheney was unable to get Repubs to walk in lockstep on the proposed plan during a private behind-closed-doors meeting (does Cheney-boy ever have any other kind of meeting). Against Administration wishes, others want caps on, or even give-backs from, the CEOs who have received obscene salaries/compensations in return for the fraud they've transacted on the financial system --- it's the one obscenity the Administration will gladly masturbate to, rather than outlaw.

Officials keep threatening that a "deep deep" or "very dark" or "very long" recession may ensue without quick action --- why don't the cowards just say what they mean: it's already a given that we are in a recession that will get worse; what they really fear is a depression, and not a mere simple 1929-like one either, but a whopping, rapidly-spreading worldwide one, the consequences of which can't even be imagined. But scared li'l cowards that they are (this Administration has spent 8 years acting on, and spreading, only fear), they won't mention the "D" word out loud (you can rest assured it's being mentioned in private meetings) --- if they mention it, citizens might actually act upon it as a prediction of things to come, ooh, oooh, oooooh....

And meanwhile, the
FBI is finally investigating some of the disgraced financial firms.

Maybe as the old sentiment goes, we ought just hang the whole rotten bunch, and let God sort them out: