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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


You can put lipstick on a train wreck I s'pose, but it's still a twisted pile of crap.
And let's see, Bristol Palin supposedly 5 months pregnant is stiiiiiiill not married with no ceremony announced yet, or could it be that she is only 2 months pregnant? Maybe Levi Johnston, purportedly father of the child, though unconfirmed by any paternity testing (but maybe paternity testing will come out AFTER Nov. 4), just hasn't popped the right question yet? You can put lipstick on a teenager afterall, or a jockstrap on a hockey player, but it won't raise them their IQ...

Moreover, you can put lipstick all over a Presidential candidacy that operates from the gutter, and if elected... you can kiss America good-bye, if John McCain and that thing he calls a running-mate make it into office...