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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Spurious Experience

For those who believe "experience" is such a key factor in picking a president, one of the most politically experienced Presidents of my lifetime was Richard Nixon, who turned out to be a dimwitted, dishonest lout, failure, and crook, who surrounded himself with low-lifes and marketing people to run the country. What is it about "experienced" presidential contenders: Nixon picked Spiro Agnew as running mate (...stop laughing), George Bush Sr. picked Dan Quayle (...I SAID, stop laughing), and now McCain selects Sarah (how does my hair look) Palin (...ok, guffaw all you want). Why can't they get reeeeal?! The problem with experienced Republicans is that they're so chockfull of hubris, they believe they can put dimbulbs in the second slot and it doesn't matter. It MATTERS, and especially so with a lead candidate who may not survive four more years.