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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Oh Yeah, Like He's Really Gonna Follow THAT Order!

A U.S. District court has ruled that under the Presidential Records Act Vice-President Dickschtick Cheney must preserve records of his time in office which he and lackey David Addington had argued were not covered by the Act --- as if it even matters at this point: is there any doubt that the Veep has been, and will continue, to destroy official records over the next 4 months, assuming he doesn't ascend to the Presidency in that interim. He, his wife, and Addington, have no regard for the laws or Constitution of the U.S. (nor any other nation for that matter), and unfortunately, in America, the only two ways to remove a sitting Vice-President from office are impeachment and assassination, no matter how shameful and contemptuous his performance in office.