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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Merry Christmas... Riiiight

Whatever salvaging strategy Washington comes up with for the economy in the longer-term, it is almost certainly too late for this year's Christmas season only a few months away. The vitality of many retail establishments is wholly dependent upon the Christmas buying season --- some retail outlets essentially running the entire year in the red only to make it up and turn profitable during the Nov.- Jan. holiday season... UHHHH, not likely this year. Probably will be the weakest Christmas season of the last 50+ years... by far, as consumers further re-adjust their budgets toward food, gas, utility, and debt outlays rather than new gift-purchases.
In the first quarter of next year expect further huge bankruptcies and shake-outs in the retail sector. The best hope is that maybe by then, just maybe, perhaps, possibly, the housing and financial sectors will have hit rock-bottom and begun turning the corner. The election of Democrats to the Presidency and Congress is necessary to change the national psychology, helping to turn things around. Should the same ol' Repubs get elected than come next year keep your eyes focused skyward while walking outside... so you can dodge the folks jumping off buildings.