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Thursday, September 18, 2008


With financial cronies pointing a gun at his head, Duhhhhh!bya emerged from his bunker today to utter more words written by others, that he doesn't comprehend, pretending he's doing something significant whilst Americans suffer. He took no questions, since he's incapable of answering, or even understanding, them. Have I mentioned lately just what a chiseled piece of work this man is. Please forgive us Europe, the brain-dead in this country are allowed by law to vote time and time again. The last time we were involved in a debilitating war and a crashing economy simultaneously, oh yeah, Republicans were in charge then... what a coincidence! Deregulation = lying, cheating, stealing on the part of business; inevitably and without fail -- it's the Amurican Way, and the chickens do always eventually come home to roost. American capitalism, left to its own devices will NEVER take honesty or ethics seriously --- THAT is a blueprint for stagnation and failure. Only through regulation can the playing field be leveled and ethics, honesty, and fairness be imposed upon everyone. For many it's already too late... The Gov't. will continue to look for more and more fools to salvage its geenormous Ponzi scheme; and it will find them... they are us.

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