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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Awww Wasn't That Special...

With handlers pointing a gun at his head, the Prez said the scripted words, euphemisms, and political-spin he was told to orate tonight to try and cram the Administration's still-weakly-detailed program down the throats of Congress and electorate... so that 10 years from now we can go through it all again. Not a word about penalties, punishments, or even slaps-on-wrist for those responsible for the current debacle; no guarantees, promises, nor even apologies for the policies that brought forth the situation. No admission of the central role played by deregulation, or why Friedman economics and free enterprise, when deregulated, will ALWAYS and inevitably lead to this outcome. In short, more of the same --- hurry us through the immediate crisis so the financial gurus and execs can start the whole Ponzi process all over again, having learned nothing, except that fear sells.
It is absolutely irresponsible on the part of Congress that this man, this complete tool and hand puppet of monied interests, this empty shell of a leader, this misfit on the world stage, this phony, groveling, unethical, reckless, foolhardy, cowardly stooge of a person, disrespected all over the globe, has not been impeached. Nancy Pelosi, should be ashamed and booted in the keester; her inaction itself, almost treasonous.
...Oh well, is it too early to begin wishing everyone a Merry Christmas --- no doubt by then the Bush team will have the economy rolling along like a well-oiled machine (maybe on the back of a war with Iran)... or, NOT!