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Monday, September 15, 2008

It's The Economy Stupid!

IT'S the economy stupid!
It's the ECONOMY stupid!
It's the economy STUPID!
It's the economy Sen. McCain!!

As the Ponzi scheme that is the Republican version of free enterprise continues to unravel (and don't let anyone tell you the financial crisis is anywhere near bottoming yet), John McCain, like others in his tax bracket, doesn't yet get it, so unaffected are he and Cindy by the downturn in the economy. 500 points up-or-down in the Dow --- just a blip and a pittance for the powers-that-be, that have sold out their nation for ready quick cash and the power it brings. They best hope there isn't a nationwide run on the country's banks, lest consumers discover how little of their looted money is actually there.

Meanwhile after originally promising a civil campaign, McCain's handlers have turned to the same tactics introduced by faux author of nonsense screeds, Jerry Corsi, who bounces around the talk circuit promoting his witchcraft, and continually claims to have attended Harvard. Shame on Sen. McCain; the maverick who is now just more of the grimy, deceitful same ol' same ol', bought and owned by the Bush team.