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Monday, September 8, 2008

Pro-life ???

Pistol-packin', rifle-totin' mama Sarah Palin calls herself "pro-life"... hmmm, I suspect there may be a few moose in Alaska that would beg to disagree! I also suspect that as a hunter Sarah has ended the lives of more of God's innocent, fully-formed, sentient, adult creatures than I ever have (and I'm pro-choice). --- And don't try to tell me that God said it was OK, 'cuz guess what... he/she didn't.

Fundamentalists are fond of proclaiming that there are "no atheists in the foxholes." Actually, what is more accurate to say is that there are NO Christians or pro-lifers in foxholes --- anyone putting themself in that situation, is, virtually by definition, an individual who believes that killing fellow humans is a legitimate, proper action toward solving political problems (though they NEVER heard that from Jesus). What is most insidious, is not that people hold such a belief in their nation's defense, but that they'll routinely invoke the name of God to support such notions (or to assuage their own guilt). "Christians" DON'T take up arms against their fellow man. The last time I ever saw Mother Teresa with an AK-47 was... oh yeah, NEVER! You may humanly justify such violence Sarah, but God and Jesus (and for all I know maybe even moose) would strongly beg to disagree.