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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Palin Pontificates

What a calamity in the making... i.e. Sarah Palin, or more specifically, a prospective Vice-President Sarah Palin --- the most irresponsible selection of a presidential running mate in how many years?... but the jackals at the Republican Convention ate up her talk before them, so entrenched are they in their immense failures. Turn off the sound, watch it, and that rabid crowd looks disturbingly similar to frenzied throngs in old Third Reich rally newsreels... disturbingly similar (or is it, similarly disturbing).

The more one learns of Sarah Palin the more she appears to be not just a laughable yahoo for VP, but a dangerous pick as well, that speaks much (and not positively) about John McCain's judgment, if not his mental state. While the Party base slurp her up like sap on a maple tree (or should I say, like flies on ---- ), mainstream Republicans across the country much more realistically recognize the risky, unprepared choice she is. Dick Cheney must be apoplectic at the thought of this neophyte moving into his abode.

Glorified hockey-mom Palin is out of her league, waaaaay out of her league (even though it's the Bush League), and while any win is fine of course, if the Dems don't win this election by a landslide there is something sickeningly and simple-mindedly wrong with the American electorate (although the preceding 8 years may have already established that).