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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Truly A Stupid Move

Tonight Alfred E. Neuman Bush will address the nation in a firesale chat, reading scripted words, regarding the economic crisis ahead (which of course he has no grasp of). Almost any member of the failed Administration could address the financial details better than the Moron-and Chief --- what a stooopid move to put this man in front of the citizenry at a time like this, as if he thinks he's FDR, when he's really Herbert Hoover. Soon he'll be retired to a luxury ranch in Texas receiving complete taxpayer support for the remainder of his life.
On a different channel Bill Clinton will be interviewed by Larry King --- if you want at least some straight talk about the economy from someone who comprehends what is happening, tune in to Larry's show; if you just want more BS than go ahead and watch BuSh flap his lips and smile his smirk... and don't be surprised if you feel impelled to spit at your TV screen.

Meanwhile John McCain pulls an election stunt putting his campaign on hold (conveniently, right before a debate he is unprepared for, was to transpire) to work on the big bad foreboding crisis, like he has anything to offer; he's part of the problem not the solution. What a chickensh** move on his part, as if voters won't see right through it!