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Monday, September 1, 2008

Yaaaawn... McInane Coronation On The Way

In the "Ohhhhh, How Very Convenient Dept." : Bush and Cheney both announce they will not attend the Republican Convention due to their immense concern over Hurricane Gustav. McCain must be thanking his lucky stars for this legitimate circumstance to get Bush/Cheney off the stage. It almost sounds as if the Republicans could almost call off their Convention anyway, in which case I suggest they just hand the White House over to Obama/Biden NOW!!
In all honesty it's a no-win situation for Bush/Cheney... if they show in St. Paul with the celebrants there, and Gustav slams into New Orleans they'll look like the uncaring, inattentive fools they are... and if they fail to show in St. Paul they'll look like the scared-to-show-their-face, disrespected fools they are.

Over several days from St. Paul we may yet get a glimpse of items in the Republican toolbox: bluster, bull, fear, bribes, blackmail, fear, lies, wedges, fear, schmears, crap, fear, maybe a vice grip... and almost for certain, rigged computer software. An impressive toolbox for sure (leaving mobsters salivating).

BTW, new research here may shed light on modern-day Republicans...